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About Us

Pacific Propane

In 1949 Marion “Bud” Heath started in the propane industry in Watsonville, CA for Wayne Harlan. Bud began his career as a Delivery Truck Driver and eventually learned the business and was promoted to manager. In 1955 Wayne Harlan saw that Bud had a love for the business and started Bud in a propane business in Northern California.

This company thrived and grew until 1964 when Bud retired and the company was sold to Pacific Delta Gas. The Heath boys Milton and Maskey, worked for Pacific Delta Gas to help with the transition of ownership until 1966 when they moved to Nevada County, CA. This was the birthplace of Superior Propane. The brother’s sold the business 1996, by this time Superior Propane had become one of the largest independent propane retailer in California! Maskey and Paula Heath remained in the propane industry leasing tanks throughout the United States. Then in 2004 when a company in the Monterey area came up for sale this enabled Maskey and Paula Heath and Bryan and Cecelia Heath an opportunity to start again where their roots began. Pacific Propane has flourished into a business with many customers, great employees, and job opportunities. Maskey and Paula Heath have over 40 years experience in the Propane industry at every job aspect and love the business! Cecelia has over 15 years experience in the industry working on everything in the office. Bryan is the third generation of the Heath Family in the propane industry and has nearly 25 years experience in the propane trade. Pacific Propane has a team of hardworking individuals dedicated to bringing you the best propane service the industry has to offer. Bryan and Cecelia have two young men eager to learn the different aspects of the industry and carry on the family tradition.


Pacific Propane is proud to be recongized by the North Monterey County Chamber of Commerce as the 2012 Large Business of the Year. Our family-run business provides comprehensive propane services to our regional customers and continues to lend financial support to many local non-profit organizations.

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